"Vanessa Poolian is a musical artist based in the city of Cardiff, UK (previously Bristol). Her main genre of music is classic soul, but she has been known to incorporate other styles into her portfolio, such as funk, jazz, latin and soulful rock.

She is the manager and lead singer of international collective, Soul Emotive who have worked with the likes of the BBC, ITV, The Stable and The Bristol Fringe and she writes lyrics and melodies in order to "Awaken Your Soul!"


Her recent collaborations have been with the talented Anders Olinder (toured for 6 years with Glenn Hughes' and also worked with Omar, PP Arnold, Peter Gabriel).


In addition, she has collaborated with Jill Saward (lead singer of Shakatak) and was requested to add Jill's vocals onto their track, “Movin’ On” which is being played on several radio stations across the globe.


The song reached No 13 in the UK Network Soul Chart with Nigel Waymark.


Her latest track “Keep Your Spirits High” is with soul legend Noel McKoy and also Anders OlinderHer new album also named "Movin' On" is due for release at the end of 2021.